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You may see inside your Accounts Payment Overview page here:

Several different subscriptions which you may or may not be currently subscribed to.

In this article we will give a basic run down of each and how they work/may assist you.

If you fail to keep up with your subscriptions, this article will let you know what will happen: What happens if i don't pay my Frooition subscriptions?

eBay Design and Hosting

This subscription is the only mandatory one to keep your design active on eBay. It allows us to deliver updates and styling to your live items or Storefront (depending on the package you have purchased).

Image Hosting

This subscription can be purchased if you would like to keep all of your product images safely stored on our secure servers, this may also be the easiest option if you are listing with our listing tool. As we have integrated our image hosting directly to this for ease of use. This is not 100% mandatory, as you can host your images elsewhere and simply link them in from external sources to our listing tool.

Bulk Revision

Bulk Revision is one of Frooition’s bespoke tools built in-house, Bulk Revision allows you to make changes to live listings en masse. Some of the most popular changes to listings made using Bulk Revision are:

  • Applying Frooition template to live listings
  • Updating or changing seller info tabs
  • Changing or updating the description
  • Changing the title of the listing
    • There are many more options that allow you to edit or change many aspects of your listings

Bulk Revision allows you to change many listings at once, saving you time and effort tweaking individual listings. Frooition have designed Bulk Revision to be an easy tool, accessible and usable by anybody who has the need. Bulk Revision is one of Frooition’s most popular tools, and clients find that having the ability to make alterations to 100’s of live listings with a few clicks saves them hours and hours of time.

We have an article running through how to use bulk revision, it can be viewed here: Using Bulk Revision adding and removing Frooition template design

Auto Apply

Auto Apply is one of Frooition's bespoke tools built in-house. Auto Apply allows you to apply your Frooition listing template to each new listing you create, no matter how you list to eBay.

Auto Apply only works for new listings, any existing listings will have to be updated using Frooitions Bulk Revision tool.

Auto Apply can be turned off at any point through your Frooition account, the tool was built to allow Frooition users to list new items in a complete state, with no need to edit the item further down the line. Auto Apply works perfectly in conjunction with Frooitions Multi-Template, you can set rules and caveats that apply to a specific set of listings. That set of listings will have the template applied that you have pre-set, Clothing template for Trousers and Gadget template for Keyboards & Mice.

This article will show you how Auto Apply works: How to use the Auto Apply tool

If you have any further questions about Subscriptions please contact our support team, this article will show you how to do so: How do I contact Frooition support?

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