In this tutorial we will run through how to enable Seller Information Tab Sets.

These may be useful if you wish to offer different information for different products, such as different returns, shipping information etc.

To get started, please navigate to the settings page here:

Alternatively, click the eBay tab inside of our software and then "settings" from the drop down.

You will then be brought to a page something like this:

Next, you will want to click on "Seller Info Tabs"

At the top of the page, you will see a tick box, from here you can "enable Seller tab sets" , once ticking this, refresh the page in order to load in your new seller tab sets page.

This should look as follows:

From here, you can click "Create New Tab Set" and fill out this with a new Name so you can distinguish between other sets you have. You may then fill out each tab with the content you desire.

Once completed, click "Save" and you are now ready to use this within our listing tool.