In this tutorial, we will run through how to enable Seller Information Tab Sets.

Having multiple tab sets is useful when you sell different product types or sell in different languages.

To get started, please navigate to the settings page here:

Alternatively, click the 'Account Setup' option from the navigation menu:

If you haven't been in this section of the software yet, you may need to tick the 'Enable Seller Tab Sets' button. Simply refresh the page if you need to click that.

This is what you will see after clicking ticking that box:

Once you have made the changes to the current tab set, click Save at the bottom of the page

To create a new tab set click "Create New Tab Set" and fill out this with a new name so you can distinguish between other sets you have. You may then fill out each tab with the content you desire.

You can edit the name of each of your tab sets and chose a default for use with all new listing profiles. Just click save once you're done.