How to list to eBay via the Frooition listing tool

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This article will show you how to list directly to eBay using the Frooition listing tool. If you have any questions relating to this article, please contact our support team via a support ticket and explain what you need assistance with.

1. Navigate to Listing Profiles in the left-hand menu, or click HERE to access the page if you're logged in.

2. Click CREATE NEW.

3. Give your new Profile a name that will allow you to find and recognize it easily, then click NEXT.

(If you use a third-party to list and manage your items on eBay, see our guide HERE)

4. Search eBay's catalogue for the product you are selling with the search function. You can search using product names, details or keywords. Enter your search term and then click SEARCH

4a. Once you click SEARCH, you will be shown a grid of similar items that are in eBay's catalogue generated by your search terms. You will need to select the correct version from this list or search again with new terms. 

Clicking See Details will display a pop-up with all the technical details of the products in the grid, this can be used to double-check or cross-reference the item you are selling with the selected grid item.

If the product you are selling is not in eBay's catalogue, just click on the Continue without selecting a producbutton.

5. The product description section will be what is displayed on your eBay listing. You can edit this information, add photos/videos (hosting is required) or change the way the description displays. You can also add a subtitle and a custom label or SKU.

  • Title (mandatory)
  • Subtitle 
  • Custom label (SKU)
  • Photos / Videos
  • Description (mandatory)

Once you are happy with this section, click NEXT at the bottom of the page.

6. This is your layout section, you can select which template you want to use (if you have multi-templates), picture layout type and which set of seller information tabs you wish to use. Once you are happy with this section, you can click PREVIEW to see how the template will look on eBay and click NEXT to proceed once you are happy.

(The GET CODE button allows you to download a copy of the template design code to add to eBay directly or if you use a third-party tool to manage your listings, take a look at our quick guide HERE on how to set up a listing profile and get a copy of the code to add to your third-party listing tool).

6a. If you want to learn how to create or edit your Seller Information Tabs, check out our article HERE.

7. If you have selected an item from the eBay catalogue then your listing categories will be automatically selected. This is locked in because eBay has determined it is the correct category for this item. You can add a second category if you wish (fees apply). If you haven't selected an item from the catalogue, you can search or browse categories using the search box and select the appropriate one. Once you have checked and confirmed this is all correct, click NEXT.

8. If you want to add Variations, just click Create Variations. A further guide to how to enter your variations can be found in this article HERE.

9. Item specifics are vital in order to get your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Our software allows you to see which item specifics are the most searched in regard to the item you are selling. For example, this women's dress gets a large number of searches on Brand, Size, Dress Length and Colour amongst other options. So filling these fields in will mean that your item will appear in more search results. 

You will see a list of recommended item specifics for your product at the top of the Item Specifics section where it says Boost your SEO. You can choose to add all the recommended item specifics in one click, just select Add All

You can then proceed to fill in as many fields as you can, you will see the green circle fill up the more you complete. Then click NEXT at the bottom of the page when you are happy with your item specifics.

10. The next step will be to fill in the Format, Duration & Pricing page. All of these sections can be updated manually, once you have completed this section simply click NEXT.

Business policies can be set up at any point, this means that the sections for payment, shipping and returns will auto-populate with your pre-filled information. You can find out how to set up business policies on eBay here: eBay business policies help page.

11. This is the last section of the listing process, you will need to choose when you want to list the item. The auto-selected choice is Post immediately, but this can be changed by entering a scheduled start time in the boxes shown below. Once you have chosen the start time, you can either List to eBay or go back to the listing profile to list at a later date via the Listing Profiles tab in the left-hand menu.

Depending on the Frooition package you have and whether you are using a Frooition design template, you may also have the option here of selecting items to cross-promote on your products page. Check out our cross-promotion guide HERE.

The yellow Warnings button will allow you to see any issues that are presented with this profile.

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