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Modified on Tue, 29 Sep 2020 at 10:42 AM

Frooition has partnered with eBay again to bring you a new and unique way of getting your listings in front of more potential buyers!

When you hit stage 5 in the Frooition listing process you will see a new rocket icon with a hover over feature that lets you know how important that particular item specific is in regards to search terms. 

These are true figures pulled directly from eBay, filling in these marked item specifics will make your listing return in searches on eBay and other search engines. Greatly improving the number of views you should be getting, thus improving sales!

You will see a page like this when you get to stage 5 on your listing now:

You can see the 'Searched **,*** times' text, this is pulled directly from eBay on a unique API. A Frooition only feature! 

Once you've started to fill out the item specific fields with the highest numbers assigned to them, you'll see the circle start to close and change colour to green. This symbolises how complete this listing is, and how many more searches you'll be getting relating to your listing:

The numbers vary from very low to very high, we recommend tackling the larger numbers first. These are the most important item specifics in relation to this product category. For example; Brand, colour and network are important search terms for mobile phones. Whereas glass type, processor and camera pixels are all important specifics but won't return your item in as many searches as they are used as search terms by consumers far less.

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